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I have been in business since January 2005. Give me a call and come in to see some of my work. I am always pleased to show you my efforts and I am willing to work with you to create whatever your video wishes are.

Once again Kerry a fabulous (hockey game) video!!

Thank you so much!!

I’ve heard great feedback and we watched ours tonight and we loved it!!

Thank you!! C.B.

Dear Kerry,

We would like to thank you for the excellent work on our wedding video. I've watched most of the USB so far, and it is great! We are so thankful to have this memory to watch in the coming years. We hope you enjoyed shooting it, and thanks for being a part of our special day.

We also wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! A&T


We love the DVD, so many moments we missed or had forgot about. Thanks again so much for capturing our wedding day!! J&D

Hi Kerry,

We just watched the video. It’s awesome. Thank you so much. M&P

Hi Kerry! I just got the DVD's in the mail today. They are perfect! I love how you were able to capture our special moments so beautifully!

You don't need to change anything in them! Thank you!! C&S


The hockey game video is absolutely amazing!!  My son has watched it numerous times!!!

Everyone is very happy with it!

Thank you!  C

Hi Kerry, Thanks so much for the amazing wedding video!!! It was perfect and more than we ever expected. You‎ do great work!

We especially loved the song choices for the video coverage of pictures in the corn fields! It was hilarious! Married life is treating us well. Moving and doing home renovations. We look forward‎ to receiving the final copies!

Thanks again for all your hard work and creativity! J&B

Hi Kerry! We watched the DVDs last night, they are wonderful, we are so happy, took us right back to the day. Thank you for capturing all the details of the property and decor, among everything else, so many memories caught on camera! I love the Alan Jackson songs you added, such a perfect touch. 

We are so happy with it (the scene selection is such a great feature!) and thank you again for such a great job, and getting it to us so quickly!  

B & J

Kerry, It was great to re-watch the day and remember every moment. Thank you. J&J

Hey Kerry, We got the DVDs today after work. We loved it!! Thank you so much! It's so beautiful! We can't wait to show everyone. H & J

Hi Kerry, We received the video this week and finally got to finish watching it last night. You did a fabulous job!!! We both love the DVD's, thank you so much for helping us capture the day. I would recommend you to anyone!!! :) Thanks again, J & B

Kerry! We absolutely LOVE the wedding DVD! It's really special! What I find even more special is the first song you used "My Wish!" This is a song that is very special for me and my university roommates (my bridesmaids) and I even have a quote from it tattooed on my ribcage, so it was really special that that was the song in the background as I was getting ready with the girls! Thank you so much!  E & R

Hi Kerry! We love love love the video. Thank you so much. Not a thing needs to be changed. Thanks so much!! C & B

Kerry ,

These are absolutely incredible. We had a wonderful night watching the DVD’s and remembering the laughs. You captured so much! 

What a wonderful night .

This is amazing editing Kerry! Cheers. 

Hi Kerry,

We just finished watching the videos and they're fantastic!! We loved it :)

Thanks so much. We really appreciated all you did for us. L & B

Hi Kerry,

We received the wedding discs and we LOVE them. We love the music and all of the special effects and really laughed at some of the chapter titles (Mike is Thunderstruck).

We truly appreciate all the work you did and the great presence you brought to our wedding. 

Thank you so much! A & J

Hello Kerry, 

We just finished watching the video. WOW!!!!! It is amazing. 

We love everything about it. I feel like I missed so much on our day. Thank- you so much. We think it is PERFECT! :) 

What an AMAZING keep sake. Thanks again, J & J

Hi Kerry

Just wanted you to know C and A thought you did a great job on the memories DVD - they had it on a 2nd time at the gift opening and brunch the next day too.  There were some surprises in there for me as well and the choice of music was great.

Thank you so much.  M.G.

Hi Kerry,

I have watched the video about 3 times and fall more and more in love with it every time. Thank you so much. It was a pleasure working with you. You are very talented and I will recommend you to anyone. Take care!   A & B

Hi Kerry,

I just watched the wedding video, and I love it!

It's amazing..the moments you captured are truly priceless.

The music is exactly what I would have picked, it's perfect.

I love the slow frame at the beginning of the video as we are entering the church...it's just an amazing moment, i remember that exact  feeling! Thank you so much for being a part of our day, I look forward to seeing the final version!    B

Hi Kerry,

The video is just great!!

It looks absolutely amazing and we don’t want anything changed. We are so appreciative of your hard work on it and we couldn't be happier to have this as an unbelievable memory. 

Thank you so so much :)  J&R

Wow! The wedding video looks wonderful! There were so many things that I had forgotten about. There is nothing that we need to change, you captured everything! And the music you choose is perfect. Thank you so much Kerry!  A & S

The Wedding DVD is perfect and I have already had people ask who the videographer was. We’re passing along a very good word. Thank you again for all your hard work.  K & G

We watched the video last night, it was so great! I can't think of anything that we want changed. B & B

As soon as we got home from our honeymoon we got out our video of the wedding and reception that you did for us.  We spent hours watching it, and we couldn't stop laughing.  You did an amazing job at capturing all the fun and memorable moments of the day.

We appreciate all you did for us more then you know.

I just hope that you keep doing this for years to come in order for hundreds of other couples to get to experience the day that we had with you. Lots of love K & C

Thank you so much for giving us the best gift, our video of a great memory. Such great work you do! - K & M

Wow that is an amazing video, I had tears, but then never laughed so hard before! It is fantastic.!!

An amazing job ! We love it!

Thank's So Much - A.& R.

KERRY!!!!!! We watched the entire movie last night and words can't even express how AMAZING it was!!!!  The extra music, the slow motion and freezing, taking out the static with the speeches....YOU ARE INCREDIBLE! We laughed, we cried and just kept saying how happy we are that you were there! Honestly Kerry, you absolutely blew us away! Even all of the music selections were perfect!!


Thank you for capturing all of our moments of the day!!!!!!  

- J & R

Thank you very much for a professional and excellent job you have done.  My parents watched the rough copy with us and they are just amazed with your work, once I show the rest of the family and other people I am positive that everyone will strongly recommend you.  And if you ever need someone to speak upon your behalf about a wedding video just tell them to give us a call.  

Thanks Again - B & K

Wow! Seriously wow!  We watched the Wedding DVD Saturday night and it was just amazing, just amazing.  The Wedding part is perfect, the music montages, selection of music and the way you did the receiving line was perfect, just perfect.  We are in awe, we can’t wait to watch the reception video as we will do that either tonight or tomorrow for sure.  

Thank you so much. - K & B

The movie is great - we loved it. We laughed so hard we cried, at the dance -off - it was awesome.

Thanks so much - you were wonderful. - K & B

We were finally able to go through the wedding video again which was a blast because we noticed so many more little touches that you put in that we missed the first time around. You did a fabulous job - you made us laugh and cry!

You don't know how wonderful it is to have the video of our special day - especially one that was so well done. - A & B

I watched the Wedding DVD the other day - it was like reliving the day all over again.  The day goes by so quickly - a blur - it’s so nice to have a video. You did an amazing job. I especially liked the parts to music - it brought tears to my eyes. You did a great job editing. - M.G.

I'd just like to say you did an amazing job editing the dvd’s in that short amount of time! The dvd is perfect!..C.M

Thank you so much for all your time & effort, dedication & flexibility that helped create a very special moment in time for us! We feel very lucky that we were able to have such a wonderful videographer!  C & E

Thank you for creating such a beautiful video of our wedding day. We loved every minute and all of the special little touches.

Thank you for being so accommodating to us. We will be sure to recommend you to others.   B & A

Thank you for being a huge part of our very special day! N & S

You did a wonderful job on our wedding video. We have had several people ask who did the videography and we happily gave them your name. Thanks Again. D & C

Thank you so much for you hard work on our wedding video. We have enjoyed watching it and appreciate all you did.

Thanks again.  S & M

We were able to watch the remainder of the video over the weekend and I have to say we are extremely happy with it! You did a fantastic job and really captured everything that night. We missed so many things that we saw on the video, we were laughing so hard at the dance portion of the night.

Great job Kerry!!! Thanks again for sharing in our day, without you we wouldn't have half the memories we have. M & V

We can’t thank you enough for the memories you have captured for us that we will cherish for the rest of our lives! We absolutely LOVE our video and really enjoy watching it. It’s the closest we can get to re-living the day!

We’ve shared it with a few people and had some good laughs!

Thanks Kerry, You’re great at what you do!!  K & A

We cannot thank you enough for all of the time you have spent on our wedding video & for your patience on our wedding day. It was an unbelievably hot day & you went above and beyond to make sure that you captured our special moments. You are truly a kind & generous person. We will cherish our video forever !  N & C

Words can’t begin to express how thankful we are to have had you as part of our wedding. You were an amazing asset and thank you so much for all of your hard work.

You have in incredible talent and we are so grateful to have had you there. You captured moments from the greatest day of our lives. Thank you! Sincerely, J & R

We are most definitely going to suggest your services to friends and family in the future.  Also, we received the video's you sent of the wedding ceremony.  What a keepsake! We are so appreciative of you doing this.  Our parents came over and we watched together, and I think I managed to cry throughout the whole thing!  THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.  A & C

Thank you very much for all your amazing work and making us look good!  You really did such a great job, and it's nice to be able to look back on it... you miss so much!

Thank you again, I will be recommending you to anyone who needs a videographer!  D & W

Thank you so much for all of your hard work. The video’s turned out great. Thank you.  V & A

Thank you for helping us to create memories that will last a lifetime. We are eager to see how our wedding day will look on TV and know that your service will give us a unique tool to show our family for years to come. Thanks. J & K

Thank you so much for the job you did July 23rd for D & D. We appreciate your effort in traveling the distance to Cambridge. With Thanks, J & G

We are absolutely THRILLED with our wedding DVD - what a gift to have and re-watch year after year!

Our feedback is absolutely all positive!, D & D

We LOVE the wedding video :) You did such an amazing job!! Thank you so much!!, V & J

Thank you so much for your great work on our special day! The video is such a great reminder of that day and you captured it all ! Thanks again for your hard work. - K & M

Everything worked well and you did a great job on the DVD’s Thank you for capturing our special day ! - A & M

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